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After a number of years working with photography, video and cultural events we decided to create Silent Storm Productions to focus on the creation of documentaries and videos for cultural and non-governmental organisations worldwide.


We accept commissions and we work in close relationship with our clients to meet their requirements and budget, approaching every project with a new set of ideas that will make it extraordinary.


Whether you need a short ad, a one-minute video, a five-minute or longer documentary, a series of photos or a multimedia project to highlight your activity please feel free to drop us a line for a quote, describing your project and needs, and we’ll come back to you in the shortest possible time.


Sarah Trevisiol
Research, script and editing

I was born and raised in South Tyrol, where Italian traditions meet German and Ladin ones. I grew up continuously switching from one culture to the other, mixing languages and customs on a daily basis.


The blend of these diverse identities sparked in me an interest for people, their beliefs, their cultures and the many ways they find to express themselves.


I naturally pursued a degree in Anthropology and I started working as a project manager for some NGOs. After a few years I decided to start a freelance career to explore the vast latitude of my interests, developing social projects that mix a variety of techniques and approaches: theatre and photography, documentaries and exhibitions, new media and traditional crafts.


Presently I’m developing a series of short documentaries and parallel projects that aim to give visibility to people, communities and situations that don’t get the attention they deserve. I am always interested to help others to tell their stories and I believe that the voiceless and the less visible of this world have lots to teach.


German and Italian are my mother languages and I’m fluent in English.

Matteo Vegetti
Photography, camera and editing

After many years working around the globe, I left my engineering career to reconnect with my curiosity and in 2010 I embarked on a yearlong overland trip from Vietnam to Italy. Together with my only travel companion, my camera, I discovered many smiling faces along the way and the desire to tell their stories.


Back to Italy, I decided I couldn’t go back to my suit and tie job and photography became my main occupation, producing both commercial and documentary work.
You can see my photography on my personal website.


In the ever-evolving process of finding better storytelling tools, I devoted a lot of my time and resources to filmmaking and in the past years I’ve created, directed, shot and edited short documentaries, commercials, music videos, live events and anything in between.


I am fluent in Italian, English and French, I speak a reasonable Spanish, I’ve made a lot efforts with German with little result, I can ask for directions in Swedish and say random things in Arabic and Bengali.


We are currently in Bolzano, Italy, and available for commissions worldwide