Stato di Gloria

Love in the Time of Separatism

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Film synopsis

In a world where countries keep separating, Filippo must save Gloria, now a refugee in Molossia, from the impending doom that awaits her. He works for the very company that is behind the evil plan to separate Molossia and get rid of all the refugees though: will Filippo be able to save Gloria?



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This film stems from the willingness to investigate the growing phenomenon of borders and wall-creation inside the European Union, a union where dialogue, mutual exchange and freedom of movement appear more and more as a legacy of the past. The fear of cohabitation seems to push towards a primal egoism that foster the necessity to maintain our own advantages and to lock ourselves inside our borders.



Gloria: Karoline Comarella
Filippo: Daniel Ruocco
Division Solutions’ Boss: Michele Fiocchi
Separatist: Max Meraner
Mother: Liz Marmsoler



Director and Screenwriter: Matteo Vegetti
Productions: Albolina Film srl & Silent Storm Productions
Coproduction: Fusilly
Producer: Sarah Trevisiol
Coproducer: Matteo Marzano
Executive Producer: Wilfried Gufler
First Assistant: Francesca Bertin
DOP: Sebastiano Luca Insinga
DOP Assistant: Simone Cargnoni
Sound: Elisa Piria, Giulia La Marca
Set design: Barbara Elias Da Rocha
Costums: Katharina Forcher Rohr
Make-up: Marika Cappello Ferrante
Casting Director: Christian Mair
Music: Dario Mongelli
Colorist: Pierpaolo Ferlaino



All photos by Simone Cargnoni

Directed by

Matteo Vegetti

Produced by

Sarah Trevisiol


South Tyrol (Italy)

Production date



Italian, German, English, French and Ladin subtitles


18 minutes

Film producer

Albolina Film SRL
Silent Storm Production

Film coproducer


Festivals, Fiction