We are an independent production company that aspires to highlight the unique experiences of people, communities and NGOs around the world to promote dialogue and change.


We aim to raise awareness about the silent storm of unheard voices, ignored stories, unsung heroes and undisclosed best practices that do not get enough attention in traditional media.

With a focus on the human being and an anthropological approach, we tell local stories that have a universal significance through documentaries, short videos, photos and multimedia projects.


We shun from easy sensationalism, avoid victimisation and instead use a participatory method that is highly respectful of all parties involved. Our productions build upon the personal experiences of our protagonists as they become real agents of change.


We believe that to value diversity, be it cultural, religious, political, economical or gender related, is to avoid violence and foster understanding.

The voice of many, even if often silenced, can change the world: make yours heard and join the Silent Storm.

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