True to the earth

Biological farming in India

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“True to the earth” shows the daily struggle of a small group of biological farmers in South India against the widespread use of chemical fertilisers and cultivation methods imposed by Western companies that damage the land and increase the debts of the local population. For a number of years, CECO’DE’s Eco Farming project, supported by the Beppe and Rosanna Mantovan Association, has promoted the reintroduction of traditional eco-friendly farming systems and has created a seed bank that stores native food crops.
The video was presented during a public event about international cooperation and development and was aired on Italian state television during an episode of Minet TV.




Villapuram, Tamil Nadu, India

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German and Italian versions also available


4 minutes and 56 seconds

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CECO’DE (Center for Community Organization and Development)
Beppe and Rosanna Mantovan Association
Bolzano Autonomous Province (Cooperation and development department)