Multisense Discovery

Feel closer to other cultures through your senses

About This Project




The exhibition was structured as an innovative method of intercultural dialogue, where selected South Tyrol residents born abroad, opened a window on their home countries. They painted a vivid picture by presenting feelings, memories and personal passions, using the multiplicity of senses. The spectators were invited to interact with objects coming from the participants’ home countries, touching and smelling them, letting themselves flow with the images and sounds from far away. The goal was to face the visitors with their prejudices and immerse them in other people’s perceptions, making them regress to a childish state where nothing was strange and everything was stimulating.



Other than the multi-sensorial exhibition, booklets with additional information were available and some videos where the protagonists were narrating their own experiences were shown. Other videos and photos created by international artists about the cultures were on display. During the two editions of “Multisense Discovery” the experiences and memories of people originally coming from India, China, Bosnia, Iran, Afghanistan, Colombia and Bangladesh were presented.






Public events

Several events were held to expose spectators to the exhibition’s protagonists therefore creating moments with real-life situations from their respective countries of origin and the difficulties and advantages they found in the host country. For every event the protagonists offered cultural programmes with book and documentary presentations, dance or handicraft classes, readings, dinners and much more.






Guided visits

For schools, a series of guided tours were tailored to stimulate the younger audience to discover new worlds with curiosity and perceive their own reality in a completely different way. The exhibition’s protagonists have also led guided tours for an older audience.







The exhibition was flanked by an online platform that allowed everyone to upload their own original sounds, videos, images and texts linked with the cultures on display. Side by side, the new and old citizens had an opportunity to share a common space that could show the multitude of representations and interpretations of these cultures.



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First edition

5th of April – 29th of May 2013

Second edition

20th of November 2014 – 6th of January 2015


South Tyrol (Italy)


Sagapò Teatro

Sponsored by

City of Bolzano (Cultural commission)
Autonomous Bolzano Province (International cooperation and development department)
Autonomous Region Trentino - South Tyrol (Commission for European integration and humanitarian help)