When your homeland considers you a stranger

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Film synopsis

“Insiders-Outsiders” is the story of several children of immigrants, raised or born in South Tyrol, Italy, but considered foreigners by law and therefore excluded from opportunities and rights other Italian citizens have.


The protagonist, 21 year-old Oumar, raised and born in South Tyrol to Senegalese parents doesn’t feel the need to be integrated. He’s never emigrated anywhere, he doesn’t see himself as a foreigner and he loves his home city Bolzano. Although he sometimes feels rejected, he couldn’t live anywhere else. Likewise, many other sons and daughters of immigrants defy on a daily basis the iron curtain of bureaucracy and indifference, finding original ways to carve out a space for themselves in an increasingly multi-ethnic society.



Italian and German subtitles are embedded, English subtitles can be turned on in YouTube.




Multimedia project


Public talks

The film was presented in various public events accompanied by talks among the public, the film’s protagonists, experts in the field of second generations and South Tyrol politicians.







A series of role games and teaching material was developed to accompany the projection of the film in the high schools of South Tyrol, to finally address with students the complex matter of citizenship and second generation legislation. All these tools and the film were made freely available and a series of workshops, both informative and practical, were held to train teachers and community centres’ staff so that in the future the matter could be further discussed and studied.






Political activism at national level

“Insiders-Outsiders” was chosen by the Interior Minister as a best practice and together with twenty other organisations we took part in a series of talks in Rome. These were aimed at understanding how to address the issues children of immigrants are facing and to suggest modifications to the current legislation. Presently (2015) a bill is being discussed in the Italian Parliament to favour the adoption of a ius soli principle that will allow people born in the country to acquire Italian citizenship under certain conditions.






Festivals, television, DVD and online distribution

The film took part in various film festivals: Lessinia Film Festival (Best Alps Representation award), Trento Film Festival, Bozner Filmtage, Cervino CineMountain Festival, Münchner Ethnofilmfest and Babel Film Festival.

The film was shown twice by state television RAI on its local channel.

DVDs of the film and workshop material can be ordered through the Media and Film office of the Bolzano Province.

“Insiders-Outsiders” is now available on franzmagazine YouTube’s channel and embedded in this page.





South Tyrol (Italy)

Production date



30 minutes and 30 seconds


Italian and German
German, Italian and English subtitles

Film producer

EVAA - Anthropological Association South Tyrol

Film coproducer


Online distribution


DVD and workshop material

Bolzano Province, Film and Media department

Multimedia producer

EVAA - Anthropological Association South Tyrol


City of Bolzano
Festival delle Resistenze
Bolzano Autonomous Province
Trentino Alto-Adige Region

Documentary, Multimedia